The Butcher Shop

Located at 3822 Dominion Rd (rear unit)
Fresh Meats, Sausages, Cheeses, Dairy, Seasonal Produce, Prepared Foods and Catering Options

Tues-Thurs 11-7pm
Fri-Sat 9-7pm
Sun 10-2pm

When you are looking for real quality meat, trust the chef. We source only the best ingredients. There are never any short cuts.

Your Farm Gate Butcher Shop and Catering is a new addition to Ridgeway close to the shores of Lake Erie. The community chose us almost before we chose them. We love this growing town and felt it was the best place for our family in search for farm land and our growing business.

Our mission in the shop is simple. Source only the best ingredients while working closely with farmers to cut out as much distribution as possible. Coming into Your Farm Gate you know you are getting the best. Owner and Executive-Chef Shawn Murphy knows all of our contacts personally as well as their methods. Though we do not put a focus on organic specifically we are looking for ethical and sustainable farming practices. A good cut of meat can happen if the animals are well taken care of and we are happy that all of our producer’s vocations have brought us together.

In the shop you will find the highest quality of meats, house made prepared foods and food label, local dairy and seasonal vegetables. We plan on venturing into fish and seafood soon but for now this is your seasonal farmers market that is open all year round.

We also custom pack and butcher. As we are a small scale traditional shop and as such, are happy to set you up for your family in advance with all your needs.

Make your pre-orders by contacting or 905-347-0502

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