Tapas: Hanger Beef Steak

How Do You Work With Us?

Fill out the contact form and give us an idea of what you would like for your event, wedding, pick up or prepared meal. We customize each catering experience and can send you some basic ideas that we have for a menu that fit your particular location and service style.  The more information we have about you the better we can understand and create a catered menu that fits your needs and budget. Once we have agreed on the event and the contract is signed the rest is up to us and you get to relax. If at any time you have questions or changes need to be made, simply contact us and we can make the necessary updates to the contract.

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Seasonal Hors D’oeuvres make great additions to start your event. Pictured: Pea and Ricotta Dumpling with Unpasteurized Honey and White Wine Glaze

How do the Menus Work?
Our menus vary from season to season and even in some cases day by day. We try to set your menu the best we can with the understanding that farming is a challenging business, we know we grow what we can ourselves. Some of the items are dependent on the weather though we will know if we have any minor changes to the menu within a week of the event. Often when we have a cool ingredient that is coming out of our gardens we may add it to the menu. That is why it is always important to list any dislikes or allergies.

We serve anyone with a special requirement, be it vegan or gluten-free we have options for you.

What Kind of Ingredients Are We Using?

Menus created by Your Farm Gate are only going to utilize the best of our seasonal ingredients in our catering menus. You will get vegetables that are either coming out of our gardens or from other farmers around Ontario. Located in St.Catharines in Niagara,  we focus on local first where small farmers are putting great care in taking care of the land and growing the best ingredient possible naturally. We place the actual organic certification second. Meats are all ethically raised without using growth hormones of antibiotics, or GMOs and most are pastured heritage breeds.

Catering Menus Cooked Over Fire

Cooking by flame is a majour passion of ours. Ask how we can bring this unique experience to your event.

One of the unique differences when working with Your Farm Gate is our ability to work our menus using 3 tiers of fire. If you have a location that is exterior and will allow us to work with flame our Asado styled cooking is a great way to add a unique flare to your event. This goes well when wanting whole roasts like a pig on a spit or roasted lamb. Contact us today.