Who We Are

We would like to welcome you to Your Farm Gate, your access to local ingredients and great culinary experiences. Whether you are looking to get a food box, catering, your next prepared meal, local ingredient or a quick bite on the run, we are able to provide something to help fuel you and elate your senses.

Our identity is simple we are:


Through renting of farm land and working with production spaces we not only want to deliver you great take out and catering services but access to high quality, ethically raised meat, produce, fruit and preserves. Though we will start slowly, we will rent as many farms as we can to convert more land to regenerative organic practices with our Farm2Fork Farms. We will search for the tastiest varieties, unique ingredients and cook with the fiery passion and love that is finally re-emerging in our modern culinary landscape. We aim to search local and ethical first, any Niagara farmer or producer doing a great job will be looked at. We are your daily access to great food made from those in our very own community.

The social and economic impact of this business is made to directly benefit our community. To benefit your family,  that of our local farmers and local producers.  As you give to us we will return to you. We promise a great meal and caring service.

We want the flavours of our food to be as fun and bold as we are.  Coming into our Your Farm Gate location you can be guaranteed to have fun take out designed on taking classic street food and being inspired by Latin flavours.

There is so much great food we have to offer you.

So come join us at Your Farm Gate at 109 Lake st. in St.Catharines, right by the Armory,  and say Hi. If you are hungry, we would love to feed you.

Welcome Niagara,

My name is Shawn Murphy,  I am a new farmer, a chef and a producer. We are happy to be cooking for you again.