Butcher Shop

Every farmer and ingredient we offer to you is with respect to the land. We know the names of our farmers. We know their practices. Good land creates the bounty that feeds us all, and more importantly to all of us…it makes for really good tasting food!

Your Farm Gate Butchery and Catering is located at 3822 Dominion Rd, in the beautiful heritage town of Ridgeway.

We purchase whole animals that are raised in the best methods possible for the highest quality and ethical practices. The whole animals allows for a fair price for the farmer and a better price for you.


Current suppliers like Penokean Hills Farms (farmer Nick – Beef), Linton Pastured Pork (Farmer Jeff- Heritage Pork) and Fineline Farms (farmer Glenn – veal, lamb, ducks) take every conscious effort possible to give us the best meats to give to you. For 18 years in the kitchens around the country, Owner and Chef, Shawn Murphy has been working with the best local and seasonal ingredients available. With that philosophy we bring you every option available to enjoy the best the season has to offer.

Grassfed Beef (Penokean Hills Farms – Grassfed PEI)
Pastured Heritage Pork (Linton Pastured Pork)
Kosher Chicken (until May for Mennonite CO-OP pastured chicken)
Beverly Creek Lamb
Assortment of Fresh Sausage from Pastured Pork (No Sugar or Bread added)

Local Charcuterie, Cured Meats, Cheese, Dairy and Seasonal Vegetables

Also Available Periodically
Pastured Duck – Mennonite Co-op
Pastured Ontario Lamb
Ethical Ontario Veal- Fineline Farms

Check out the take out menu to try just how good the ingredients are