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- Full-Service Catering company in St. Catharines, ON

Why Choose Your Farm Gate Catering?

We know that there is a lot of options and things to think about when choosing the right vendors for your special day. We appreciate how hard you have worked to come up with all of the ideas for your wedding day and events running up to it. We can help you cater all aspects of your shower, stage and doe, rehearsal dinner and of course your wedding reception.

We customize each event to do everything in our power to deliver what you want and work within a budget you may provide us. If money is not a concern, we know who the best are to deliver your every desire. If you are on a tighter budget, we are great with numbers and can help create menus and contact the vendors that give you the best value without any regrets. Whether you are working with one of the locations we work closely with or wish to bring us to a private location we are happy to work with you and of course, have fun!

Do not settle for being just another number on an order form. Come get the personalized experience you should expect from a vendor. Your Farm Gate Catering will be there every step of the way and we are happy to help you in anyway we can.

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Refining Rustic Cooking Over Fire

When searching for the best flavours for our menus we also wanted to look at ways of cooking that would bring an even more unique twist to working with Your Farm Gate. Since more of the locations we work in do not have full kitchens we felt why not cook the way we love and give the opportunity to deliver a show for guests. This is where the idea of woodfired cooking comes in. Almost all our menus have some element of fire bringing unique tastes to each plate. If you are thinking about adding a BBQ event outside of your reception dinner we have many options for you to enjoy by hiring us again to cater your private event.

About the Chef

Owner and Executive-Chef Shawn Murphy

Working with Your Farm Gate Catering is all about you and how we can make your day fun and unique. You would work with us because you want the best local ingredients and taste of the farm on your plate. We have been doing this long before it became a trend, and to us this is finally a return to the right way of cooking for people. If you want a great meal and have a good time, then Your Farm Gate Catering is a great option for you.

My goal over the past 17 years has been to create a business that works from seed to plate. We have an intimate relationship with every ingredient that we use, whether I was the one that seeds, transplanted and harvested it or one of our farmers or amazing suppliers that find the best Ontario has to offer. 2018 marks a large farming expansion for us and this means many more great ingredients can make it on your menu.

We are actively looking for more farm land every year, turning over cash cropped land into highly functioning organic vegetable production. One day we will get into pasturing our own meats to continue the ecological cycle in the farming side of our business while keeping our precious farm land productive in the region. If you were going to chose to hire someone to cater your special day, would you not want the one that puts this much effort into each ingredient?

We look forward to working with you and the team at Lundy Manor to make your wedding day special.

From my family, Thank you.

Your Farm Gate is a full-service catering company, offering catering services for weddings, corporate, and special events across St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Hamilton, Burlington, Niagara on the Lake, Stoney Creek, Beamsville, Port Colborne, Grimsby.

We also provide Meal Planning and BBQ Catering.